Tuesday, 24 January 2023

French Command Stands (1)

Back in 2015 I'd taken the decision to sell my 15mm Napoleonic French figures and replace them with figures that I felt happier with owning and seeing on the table. Well this has been a very long process which has stagnated during the few years. My previous post invigorated me to conduct an appraisal of my Napoleonic French figures. In keeping with my gentle introduction back into painting figures I decided to focus on the command stands. Checking the number I'd to need for my envisage French Line Infantry Corps. I found there were only a few that required the basing finishing, with a few others to be based along with labelling them all.

Closeup of 3 French Line command stands

Across all my Napoleonic Armies I'm following a figure basing regime of;
  • Army - 4-5 figures
  • Corps - 3 figures
  • Division - 2 figures
  • Brigade - 1 figure 

Above are all the completed command stands for my French Line Infantry Corps, consisting of three Divisions of three brigades plus the attached Light Cavalry Division. I need a few ADCs also command stands for my French Reserve Cavalry Corps and French Old Guard Corps. Napoleon will make an appearance later to command them all.

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