Saturday, 9 May 2009

Austrian Divisional Command

While I am concentrating on selling off my surplus lead I thought I'd put up some photos of my Austrians. These photos are of three proposed Divisional Commands. Each one consists of the Divisional Commander and two Brigade commanders. Shako rules only require the Divisional Commanders but I also like to use the computer rules :Hard Pounding" and these need the Brigade commanders.

I am not following any particular OOB in composing my Austrian army just trying to put together a typical force. I am also trying to pick out commanders that would have commanded similar divisions/brigades but, with promotions and deaths during the conflicts, this is all with, what might be termed, "gamers license". Tracking down some of the names has been interesting to say the least. The combinations are not fixed in stone and will be used as and how is necessary when games are being created.

Division : FML Radetz
Graf Radestsky von Radetz
(Advance Guard)

Division : FML Wimpffen
Maximilian Freiherr von Wimpffen
(Infantry Division)

Division : FML Bianchi
Vincenz Ferrerius Frederico Bianchi
(Infantry Division)

There is only one figure in the above collection that is not my own work. I have some more to paint and some other command figures that I have bought painted to base. This force will eventually be 5 divisions strong consisting of two Corps of two divisions plus an Advance Guard division.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another batch of lead gone

68 unpainted Minifigs figures plus 20 painted and 12 painted Battle Honors equals Lead Mountain decreased by 89. Also sold on some walls that have been collecting dust. Not included these in the Vow as technically they are not lead.

This is starting to get addictive as the feeling of lightening the load is refreshing. Looking at the "Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow" I do need to paint more figures. I'm halfway though painting two German Artillery batteries must get back to these. But I've also been handed some horses to paint so these must come first just a shame they will not count towards the Vow.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Last breath of Napoleon Bonaparte

6:00 pm 5th May 1821.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Lead to Resin

The nice thing about selling off some of my unwanted lead is that I can put the proceeds to items that I need for some of my projects. First on the wants list are the vehicles and equipment for my 21st Panzer Grenadier Kampfgruppe. So I've put the last few quid earned from selling some unwanted Austrians to purchasing some Flames of War 21st Panzer half-tracks. Only been able to purchase 5 of the 32 required so a lot more lead will have to be sold.

Steady as she goes, but I will get there!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Crossing the Mouille river

Allied HQ

Our last few games have all ended with the defenders being victors. These have all been fictitious games using the standard Rapid Fire 10:6 (attacker:defender) ratio. For this game I thought I'd try and weight the points to the attackers and use a 10:4 ratio. The German force being 600 points and Allied (British) being 1500 points.

Scenario outline (all fictitious)
The Allies are advancing across France towards Belgium and meeting minor rear guard actions put up by the Germans in attempt to slow the advance. The Allies are approaching the Mouille river with orders to take Secherville (the town) beyond. To the west of the town there is also a ford across the river.

Allied Objectives:
To capture both crossings with bridge intact so that they can be used to maintain the speed of advance. The Allies do not know what resistance they will find here. All they do know is that the Germans have put up a fight at every opportunity.

German Objective:
To slow the advance by blowing the bridge. Once the bridge is blown hold the ford until turn 8, then withdraw. But there has been a delay in getting enough explosives so the engineers are struggling with time.

Victory conditions
Allies win if town taken and bridge is intact.
Germans win if bridge is blown and they stop the Allies gaining control of the ford until turn 9.
A draw if any other result.

All hedges give soft cover to infantry and partial soft cover to vehicles. All walls give hard cover to infantry and partial cover to vehicles. All wood are impassable to AFV's. The river is only crossable by vehicles at the bridge and ford. Infantry can cross anywhere along its length by boat or inflatable or wade across at ford.

Turn 1 and Allies start to move into position

Germans lie in wait in town

The Allies attempt a parachute drop to capture the ford and adjacent farm. This turns into a blood bath and they quickly surrender.

Allied engineers are at the bridge to dismantle barbed wire defences with Churchills giving covering fire.

Allied motor company advance towards ford crossing.

A Typhoon is called in to attack the Stug. Now that is what I call a low level attack!!
How could he miss? But he did ...Phew.

With a Stug and mortar fire knocking out the M10 and Archer the road is blocked to the ford. In the same turn the bridge is blown. The Allied advance is brought to a standstill. With no Recovery vehicle or bulldozer tank to clear the road, nor any bridging/pontoon section available the Allies are beaten.

So another game where defenders were victors.

The Allies suffered from very poor dice during this game. Inflicting hardly any casualties on the dug-in Germans. Where as the German dice seemed weighted. Next time it might turned out different. Before we replay this one again I'll have to think about whether the scenario needs some alterations. Perhaps delaying the German engineers still further or not allowing the Germans to blow the bridge. Also we are still learning some of the finer points of the Rapid Fire rule set so we may have missed applying some vital rule/s that would have changed the result.

Anyway it was an enjoyable evening which has created a number of discussion points.

Monday, 20 April 2009

A little catchup

Thought I'd share this moment as I'm feeling a little pleased.

The "Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow" is starting to look good as I've sold some more figures, 70 to be exact. All old 15mm Austrian figures that I've been hanging onto for too long. I've also sorted out some more surplus figures that will be on eBay soon. On the down side I've not been able to resist buying a few figures and my figure painting has taken a bit of a back seat recently. Even so I feel I'm making progress at lightening the pile of lead.

On the scenic side the next batch of walls are nearly finished. But I've also been working on a some new tiles for our next game. The picture below is how it looked yesterday. The river section are the new tiles, most of the the rest are just a few tiles from the Waterloo battlefield. All the hedges and walls are those my regular gaming partner and I have made. Need to finish off the river section tiles ready for Thursday night and add a few more trees.

I try and post a report of this game with pictures over the weekend. As long as I survive........

Onwards and upwards.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Update after Easter

On the plus side sold a number of, surplus to requirements, packs of Minifigs figures last week. Total number of castings 96 sold.

On the negative side purchased some more painted Austrian figures, eighteen line infantry and ten dragoons. These will all need basing so have been put away in storage with the Austrian Militia that I purchased recently. They look nice and will compliment the rest of my Austrians. I should really get some photos of these posted soon but first priority are the walls and now hedges.

We (my opponent and I) have both been mucking about creating hedges for a while. I then had the idea of creating some "country style" hedges. Though I say it myself they don't look bad. Some else thinks so to, enough to want some. Well pleased.

Also need to plan a game for next weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get some decent shots of this one.

Saturday, 11 April 2009


My gaming opponent and myself have been dissatisfied with the walls we were using. So my opponent decided to have a go at make some of his own. He purchased some wax and started carving some test walls. Once be was satisfied with the masters and a few trials at mould making later and he was turning them out by the dozen. We have both painted a few sections and these can be seen here.

For our next game we may need a few more wall sections so, as a break from figure painting, thought I'd paint a few this week.

Nude walls

Broken Walls - painted

Just need to finish the rest....

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A horse a horse my paintbrush and a horse

Someone thinks I enjoy painting horses. Hmmm well I have had these horse for several weeks if not months waiting to be finished. Painted on the undercoats but then ...... each time I pick them up I got painters block, could not not see how they should look. Am I alone in getting these blocks? I've kept try to tell myself that they are only horses but to no avail. I think part of this block is that someone has asked me to paint them, as in his opinion I can paint good horses. That immediately puts pressure on, and I want them to look good.

Anyway forced myself to slap a little more paint on them the other night. The starting point was as below with basic undercoats applied.

One problem I find with Minifig horses is that there is minimal releaf in the castings. The owner seems to like the big round rumps of these horses, (not sure if that is sexual or not :-) ), but to me they seem plain and stiff. I've no enthusiasm to paint them.

After a while and a few more slaps of paint and I think they're ready for stabling.

Not too sure about the grey but I hope they're acceptable.

Friday, 27 March 2009


I've been trying to keep an eye out for a supplier of Kriegsspeil rules for some time. Have good memories of a game played in the early days of the "gang of four". When we became just two, the Kriegsspeil rules were lost to us.

If Kriegsspeil is new to you, these are rules devised by the Prussian military in 1824 as a training device for officers. They are regarded as the birth of wargaming rules so all wargaming rules owe there existence to Kreigsspeil. They concentrate on tactics at battalion level and below. Coloured blocks are used to represent units on maps at a scale of 1:7500. These maps may well cover 100 A3 sheets for the campaign tactics, down to 9 - 12 A3 sheets for the engagements.

Three sites of interest:

Too Fat Lardies to purchase rules and maps.

Irregular Miniatures to purchase Kreigsspeil blocks.

Kreigsspeil News a support site for the rules.

I don't know why I hadn't found these guys sooner but I feel another purchase coming on. At least it's not lead so will not add to the mountain.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Just to bring a little variety to this blog thought I'd introduce my Americans.

While I am concentrating on my German WWII force, I am also building a small American WWII force. This was started when my son was living at home with thoughts that we might get a game or two. I think I might have scared him off, as we had one game just before he left for uni and since then he has not been home long enough to organise a game. I will continue to build this force but only very much in the background so as not to deter the completion of the major parts of the required German forces.

Below are a couple of shots of the Tank Destroyer Company, two M18 Hellcats. Both are Flames of War castings.

More photos of elements already completed will follow in due course.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

120mm Mortar

Here is the 120mm Mortar support company for my Infantry Division. A bit of a mixed bag being made up from a Flames of War Steyr 1500 Kfz 70, Battle Honors 120m mortar and Peter Pig crew.

All packed away in their storage tray

Mortar being towed

Mortar deployed in its mortar pit

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Damn Damn and thrice Damn

I succumbed to those demons again. Could not resist some figures on ebay ....... and they arrived today. Austrian Militia, painted as Bohemian, brown coats with blue facings, white trousers. They will need basing and according to my information the facings are wrong, (I'll have to investigate further) but otherwise an excellent buy. I will post pics when finished and based, which might be a while.

Now then, 22 bought painted but I need to finish them, so will I be able to count them as painted when finished? ..... me thinks this is a loop hole in "The Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow".

Monday, 23 March 2009

German Infantry Regiment completed

Well here it is, the completed German Infantry Regiment of two battalions, following the OOB in Rapid Fire v.2 rules.

2nd Battalion HQ

6th Company

8th (Heavy) Company

Recce and Engineer platoons

Could have spent more time on them but there'll do. Have to keep reminding myself that they are only tokens for the gaming table.

The Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow

I thought I was alone and was the only mortal soul possessed by the Lead Mountain Demons. But it seems these demons are plentiful and have possessed many a fellow gamer. While digging in his garden, Thorbjorn Nielsen discovered an ancient tablet with the "The Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow" inscribed. He kindly posted the vow here on the Lead Adventure Forum.

I have it here in its original format as an easy reminder to myself.

"The Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow"
"I hereby vow to not buy a single miniature before I've painted at least two.

I shall display in public my will to resist the temptation of the lead, by entering into my profile the holy data of The Honorable Lead Hoarder Vow:

The letter P: stands for Painted

The letter B: stands for Bought

The letter V: stands for Vow-status-currently-as-by-the-rule-of-1-painted-gives-1-point-,-1-bought-takes-away-2-points

Be strong in spirit and resist the lead! Let not lead take over your life!"

What an excellent idea . I might have to adapt this idea into my blog but with a 1 for 1 point allocation. Do I start from zero as the high priests of the thread suggests or do I start from lead allocated to current live projects? As my blog is aiming to reduce my lead mountain I think I need to start from current position. The big question is, have I the time to climb the mountain and count each stone? Perhaps I should tread carefully and start slowing so not to scare the demons into drastic action.

My interpretation of the ancient vow with my legend explained.
Painted = any completed item (based and ready to use) 1 point for each figure, vehicle, or building (horse and rider count as 2, limber teams horses, limber and figures count separately).
Sold = Any item purchased and/or painted prior to 01-01-09 and sold.
Bought = any figure, vehicle, or building bought since 01-01-09.
Vow status = Painted plus Sold minus Bought ( + value shows reduction of lead mountain).

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The start of it all (a little background info)

After a little reminiscing I thought I'd put some background info on the blog to how I started wargaming.

It all started some 10-12 years ago. Life had taken a drastic turn and I seemed to have time on my hands in the evenings. A couple of lads at work were into wargaming and met with one other to be the gang of three. They kept asking me to join them for an evening. After a few put offs (too busy washing my hair etc.) I eventually turned up to a gaming night, armed with a few cans, to be impressed by a large section of Waterloo terrain. One of the guys own the complete Waterloo battlefield in Hex terrain. (More of this later in another blog). They were creating forces to campaign "what ifs" during the years after 1815. Nations fighting over the scraps of German states after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. With French, Dutch Belgium and Bavarian being the main armies and ideas to collect others. Their idea being to build armies for all the German states and surrounding nations. I was impressed the the game enough to ask what I could collect and paint. The first suggestion was an Austrian force "...dead easy their uniforms are all white...." was something like the comment made. I think that that was what put me off, the thought of painting a major nation in all white. (With hindsight I now know better). The 1815 Brunswick force was another suggestion for variation I could add British and other minor nations later. The black uniform also seemed to me to be an easy uniform as an introduction. So I stared to build a force based on the Brunswick 1815 contingent.

At this point can I say that railway modelling has always been a hobby that has a great pull for me. Why I didn't rekindle my interest at this point I don't fully know. The only reason I can think of is that I had found three guys with a passion. With railway modelling I would have been a lonesome modeller. So it was probably as much social aspect to get me out of the house as much as the historical and modelling aspect that interested me with wargaming.

After a few years of, once every 2 - 4 weeks, gaming and campaigning with many different rules, re-basing figures, painting new units etc. The gang of four became three then quickly two. At this point the two of us decided that we had had enough of using different rule sets each week, and never really understanding any rule set fully. We decided on Shako as our preferred Napoleonic set of rules. Not sure why apart from they were a set that my opponent had a preference for or at least owned a full copy. Another round of re-basing but this time down from 24+ figure battalions to 12. I also decided that I would continue to occasionally use the computer rules "Hard Pounding" so based figures to suit both rule sets.

We found that by sticking to one set of rules allowed us to get to grips with them. Once learnt Shako rules can give us a game we can complete within a short weekday evening. Even though some gripping games finish in the early hours. (Or is it due too much merry banter across the table). As yet we have not purchased the new rules Shako v.2 but this no doubt will happen soon.

After a time we both discovered that our interests in WWII was mutual. We thought that it would be a small distraction to Napoleonics. Before I joined them the gang of three had briefly used the Rapid Fire rules with a small collection of 15mm figures. At that time they had decided that a 6 x 4 table was too small for WWII and dropped the rules and era. This briefly put us both off for a while but thought that this could not be correct as there seemed to be many WWII games played on a 6 x 4 table. With thoughts that this could have been another case of the rules being quickly read and some critical elements being misinterpreted. We promptly dug out these rules and figures and had a couple of very satisfying games. One thing lead to another and we now have a good selection of British, German and American forces between us, which are still expanding.

What I enjoy about this hobby is the research, the history, the collecting and painting of units as much if not more than the gaming. Without the gaming there would be no incentive to do either the research or collecting and painting. Some times I do spend too much time researching when time would be better spent painting but any hobby should be enjoyed in what ever fashion and pace any individual wishes.

My gaming partner has the skill and patience to paint units up to an excellent standard in a short space of time. Where as I paint in short stints and take long to finish units. After a while I personally found that painting two periods and interleaving games in both was having a negative effect on my painting and moral. Units were not being finished before having to change era's and try to finish another unit for the next game. So a decision was made that we would focus on one period for 12 months. A dice was thrown and WWII became the chosen period.

WWII projects on the go at the moment include:
1) A German Infantry Division.
2) A small German Fallshirmjager Regiment/Kampfgruppe.
3) Building a Panzer Kampfgruppe based on the 21st Panzer Division in Normandy.

Not sure that all the above will be completed within the year but I'm making good progress.

My current Napoleonic projects that are on hold:
1) Completing an Austrian Army of 5 divisions.
2) Finishing KGL Division.

So that's how it started and were I am at the moment. The German Infantry Regiment is very near to completion along with some of its supporting units. Photos will follow.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bookshops are dangerous

Well dangerous in as much as my partner and I find bookshops fascinating and normally if entered cannot escape without some purchase under our arms. This Sunday being no exception. After we both decided to walk into Lincoln to have a bimble around, it was inevitable that we would end up inside a bookshop. The book below is one that did not escape my grasp.

Once picked up I knew it had to find its way back onto my bookshelf. It focuses on the common Infantry Division soldier between 1939-45. It does not cover Panzer or SS troops nor has it any officer uniforms or equipment. However, it is a fantastic book, covering all items of clothing and equipment carried by the common German soldier during WWII. All illustrations are photographs of actual items in full colour with informative text. It starts with an introduction that sets the scene for the common soldier then continues with chapters on helmets, through uniforms and equipment, ending with chapters on music, tobacco, and leave and leisure. Contents of chapters contain such items as cameras, ration books, field telephones, shoe mines.....I don't think there is much missing.

It can be difficult to identify what each item is on some castings before painting. With this book in hand all items should be identifiable. I only wish I'd found this book before painting my German Infantry.....

Saturday, 7 March 2009

German Infantry Regimental Colours used

These are the colours used on the last batch of German Infantry

Undercoated - Chaos Black

Face -
Base coat Burnt Sienna finished off with Colour Party Continental Flesh.
Tunic - Valjaro 920 German Uniform
Trousers - Valjaro 920 German Uniform or Valjaro 830 German Field Grey or Valjaro 821 German Beige Camoflage with ???
Helmets - Valjaro 830 German Field Grey or Tamiya XF-63 German Grey
Rifle - Burnt Umber
Bread Bag - Tamiya XF-57 Buff
Gas Mask - Tamiya XF-65 Field Grey or Valjaro 830 German Field Grey
Water Bottle - Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown
Gaitors - Tamiya XF-49 Khaki or Tamiya XF-65 Field Grey
Tent Quarter - Valjaro 821 Germain Beige Camoflage with ???
Leather bags - Burnt Umber or Tamiya XF-65 Red Brown
Holsters and some straps - Burnt Sienna
Boots and straps - Black

Thursday, 5 March 2009

German Infantry Regiment photo update (1)

Just a few photos showing the state of play of my German Infantry Regiment. These are of the first battalion. Still need to finish off the storage/movement trays but otherwise this is complete.

3rd Company

Battalion HQ

1st Company

Friday, 27 February 2009

On the bench (1)

I'm currently trying to finish off my WW2 German Infantry force. So underway are the final few (14) figures for the 2nd battalion and engineer platoons. Thought I would also add to this batch the (20) figures and four guns for two artillery batteries. Need to find some artillery command figures from somewhere and just realised that I'm one panzerfaust figure short for the engineer platoon. How did I miss that.

You may also make out 10 minifig horses. These are being painted for someone who is under the mistaken illusion that I can paint horses. I seem to be having a mental block on these as they have been there for a couple of months. Really do need to clear them of the bench in the next week. If you read this Mark.....I will get them finished....honest.

More photos will follow.

95th Rifles

I know its a little predictable to include a battalion of the 95th in a British Napoleonic force but they are an iconic regiment.

I have been gradually building up my British force over a number of years and it is being a very slow progress. In fact not added any to this army for the last 5 years. The above 95th were painted some 6 years ago and are all from the AB stable.

More of my British Napoleonic army will follow.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Battle for "Flotsam sur Mer"

This game was played on 21st Feb 2009 and I was well impressed by the fictitious scenario that my regular gaming opponent put together. What follows is the brief as it was handed to me prior to the evenings game.

German Brief
So much for a comfy French bed and a good nights sleep. All night has been spent listening to the sound of aircraft, presumably on bombing missions on some poor unsuspecting cities in the fatherland. thank God it wasn't you on the receiving end.

However what peace you did get was shattered this morning by a colossal navel bombardment all along the coast. You have tried to get information from HQ but after several minutes of trying the only information you have been given is that, reports are coming in of an allied landing all along the coast. Situation is confused, the Fuhrer cannot be disturbed so the Panzer units cannot be released. Immediate order are, hold your position until further orders. Further attempts to contact HQ are unsuccessful.

Time to take stock of your position.
You command a garrison of troops in the small town of "Flotsam sur Mer" a couple of miles inland on a slight rise. There are woods behind the town though which the southern road passes. Although the coast to the north cannot be seen clearly you can see one of the main routes inland. Since your observer team, for the Nebelwerfer battery under your command, has sighted enemy units attempting to breakout they have been bringing the area under constant fire. Thus making any main advance of the Allies impossible. Due to low cloud cover allied air activity has been limited and the Nebelwerfer position unallocated. However you realise that sooner or later the Allies will be making an effort to neutralise the battery, or at least silence the spotter. The town is on a crossroads so a possible flank attack could be possible.

Maximum garrison force total 306 points which includes the Nebelwerfer battery. All infantry under your command are regular. Nebelwerfer battery is on the table in a position that could cover all roads into the town. However if fire is halted on main access road from the coast the Allies will advance in force. You need to hold your position until further orders received and/or some form of support arrives. this requires a successful "Radio" transmission to HQ on move 5. (If unsuccessful try on each following turn.) If successful throw a d6. 1-4 infantry support arrives, 5-6 means the Fuhrer has come round and released the armour! Throw a second d6 to see which turn it arrives.

Maximum number of points for reinforcements 140

Game to be over 12 moves.

The Game:
My opponent fielded a force 510 point force, with the objective to knock out the battery and take the town. The game progressed well for the Germans as the British probably did not attack quickly enough. As I was able to move AT weapons and knock out several advancing vehicles with AT fire and mortar fire before they entered the town. On move 6 they failed the moral test and retreated back to the coastal bridgehead. This was just as my infantry support was arriving.

The after game discussion my opponent admitted that he took too long to reach reach the town. On reflection though we realised that the last five games have resulted in the attacker being repulsed and this is using the 10:6 Attacker/Defender ratio suggested by the rules. The above game might be improved if the German garrison troops were classed as poor.

I enjoyed the game and not just because it was a victory for the Germans, the detail of the brief added atmosphere to the game. We will probably use this scenario again but with some minor adjustments either in forces or ratio.

I do apolgise that there are no pictures or maps. I will try harder for the next game report.

Lorraine Schlepper OP vehicle

While browsing the Flames of War web site I can across the improved layout/search for their E-Store. I had previously searched their site for reference to the Lorraine Schlepper OP vehicle but only found it as part of a set. It now looks like it is available as a special order item.

GE150 Lorraine Schepper OP
, SP Artillery Battery

Also under the special order section there are some nice items that might be of interest at some point.
GSO188 German Ammunition
GSO185 Panzer IV Schurzen
GSO186 Plastic Schurzen
GSO180 German Half-Track Stowage

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bergepanther SdKfz 179

Give us a wave for the camera.

A couple of shots of my first attempt at Ambush Camouflage. I'm reasonably happy with the outcome. In time I may do a little more with dirt and dust for that used worn finish, and I'm not fully sure about which unit markings to apply. Just for now it's finished and ready for the table.

The Bergepanther is an old Flames of War resin model with added bits and Peter Pig tank crew/mechanics.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A little pat on the back

Thought I might publish a couple of photos to celebrate, for me, an excellent weekends work. (A little pat on the back). Apart from normal household chores, watching all three six nations games, and falling asleep during "633 Squadron", I feel I have done well with the above group of miniatures. They will form a major part of the German Infantry Regiments 2nd Battalion plus part of the HQ Recce/Engineer platoons.

The group being painted contains 3 command figures for the Battalion HQ, 5 figure for each of the three rifle companies, three figures for each of the two HMG stands and four figures starting the Recce/Engineer platoons. I'm waiting for the LMG figures and the engineer figures which should be with me in the next few days.

Just incase anyone does fall on this blog by mistake, I've also added a close up of one figure against a GB Pound coin to highlight the miniatures size.

These are 15mm figurines that are approximately 15mm high from the top of the base to the eye level of the miniature. The majority of the miniatures in this group are from Peter Pig range mostly late war with a few early war thrown in, along with a few Skytex (Command Decision) and I think there is at least one QRF figure. These have been boxed away waiting to be painted for so long I cannot remember for certain.

They still need a few more blobs of paint but I should be a be to put a little more on before close of play this evening. So it should not be too long before the whole regiment is finished.

To top it all this weekend Wednesday beat The Blades 2:1 at Bramall Lane, completing an historic derby double over them for for the first time in one season since 1914. Oh happy days.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wellington Command stand

To get the ball rolling with my collection of 15mm Napoleonic figures thought I'd publish a shot of one of my British command stands that is depicting Wellington receiving a note. The stand is made up of figures from different manufactures including AB, Essex and Battle Honors.

When I get a moment I'll publish a few more pictures of my collection Napoleonic figures.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Flakpanzer Sdfkz 38(t)

This Flakpanzer Sdkfz 38(t) is the AA support vehicle for the Panzer Regiment 22 HQ.

Friday, 2 January 2009

German Fallshirmjager Division

Still trying to get a grip on my collection of figures so continuing sorting though painted and unpainted lead.

As is typically me (I hope only up to up to this point) I started to build a Fallshirmjager Division a couple of years ago but only completed one infantry battalion plus support company, an engineer company and an AA platoon. Still need to paint the second infantry battalion. This Division will still have to be completed at a later date as the generic Wehrmacht Infantry Division will have to be my first priority. But it may take priority over the 21st Panzer Division as again I have most of the lead in stock ready to paint.

Just to put my thoughts at this down in writing as to how I see this Division being completed at this moment in time. This follows the new Rapid Fire infantry regiment composition....but I am open to persuasion if this is not historically correct for 1944 -45

Regimental HQ
- From figures in stock and use the kubelwagen from my existing Wehrmacht battalion its command vehicle - Require a Radio truck see below

Engineer Company
Completed (many have enough figures to add a second engineer company).

1st Battalion
The existing battalion is finished - apart from I will move the Panzershrecke team from the battalion HQ to the anti-tank company and replace it with two infantry figures. Also possibly replace the existing 50mm mortar team in one company with one panzerfaust figure and one infantry figure but this is not a necessity.

2nd Battalion
Using existing lead to be painted to a similar configuration as the first battalion.

The support companies.
Gun company
105mm recoilless rifle - Completed
20mm AA - Completed
Anti-Tank Company
8 figures, (4 x panzerschecke teams) - Required 2 more teams
50mm PaK 38 - Completed

To complete the above I need 3 packs of figures from the Peter Pig range 8.
1 pack 183 (German Para MG34 Tripod) to complete the heavy company
1 pack 50 (German Para MG42) to add the LW extra fire power to each infantry company
1 pack 185 (German Para Tank Hunters [need to ask for the pack to be made up of 5 panzerfaust figures + 1 figure carrying a panzershrecke + 1 complete panzershrecke team])
The above tank hunter pack will, when combined with figures in stock, give me a panzerfaust figure for each company, (replacing the 50mm mortar team in one existing company), plus an 8 figure anti-tank company by removing the panzershrecke team from the existing battalion HQ and allow me to add a panzerfaust figure to the existing engineer company.
A Radio vehicle for the regimental HQ either - FOW GE-490 Opel Kfz 68 Radio Truck or Skytex CD16A Opel Blitz Radio / Office (Peter Pig do a Granit Ambulance command vehicle (pack number 83) that might fit the bill but no photo on web site so not sure what it looks like).
I have enough Fallshirmjager gun crew in stock to crew a PAK 40 so that I could have an option to uprate the existing PAK 38. BUT at the moment I will pass on this.....adds a little extra to the gane by using the PAK 38.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

German Infantry Regimental HQ

Well that was easy....!!

I was using these as command for the Panzer Regiment, with a view to repainting them in a camouflage scheme. Using them as Regimental HQ for a generic Infantry Battalion means I could get away with leaving them as they are.

Job done.

German Infantry Division (overview of what's required)

Like the 21st list I'm going to use this blog as a note pad for this Division. I've added notes in green to help me keep track of whats required. This is a "work in progress" blog and will be updated as I complete units.

After looking though my existing collection of German WWII and working out what I need to complete the 21st Panzer Kampfgruppe I realise that I am closer to completing a generic German Infantry Division, as outlined in the Rapid Fire version two rule set. Also it looks like I have most items in stock so to focus on this force would deplete the mountain of unpainted lead a little and be achievable in a relatively short space of time. This may well be my first objective for complete this Kampfgruppe while I sell lead to create cash flow to purchase missing pieces for the 21st.

German Infantry Division Kampfgruppe - Normandy 1944

Regimental HQ
6 figures, staff car, radio truck

Recce and Engineer platoon
10 figures (5 being engineers), panzerfaust
- Completed

1st Infantry Battalion
CO + 5 figures, (1 being a medic)
- Completed
1st Company
8 figures, Panzerfaust
- Complete
2nd Company
8 figures, Panzerfaust
- Completed
3rd Company
8 figures, Panzerfaust
4th (Heavy) Company
9 figures, 2 x HMG, 81mm Mortar
- Complete

2nd Infantry Battalion

CO + 5 figures, (1 being a medic)
- Completed
5th Company
8 figures, Panzerfaust
- Completed
6th Company
8 figures, Panzerfaust
- Completed
7th Company
8 figures, Panzerfaust
- Completed
8th (Heavy) Company
9 figures, 2 x HMG, 81mm Mortar
- Completed

Support Companies
13th (Gun) Company
3 figures, 150mm infantry gun, Medium truck prime mover
- Completed
3 figures, 75mm infantry gun, Light truck prime mover
- In stock to paint (Battle Honors 4023 Opel Blitz truck) - Completed gun
14th (Anti-Tank) Company
8 figures, 4 x Panzershrecke
- Completed
3 figures, 75mm (PaK 40) anti-tank gun, Medium truck prime mover
- Completed

Divisional Troops
Two Battalions from the Divisional Artillery Regiment
3 figures, radio truck
- Completed
1st Battalion
10 gunners, 2 x 105 howitzer, 2 x horse drawn limber,
2 figure OP team, light c
- Completed
2nd Battalion
10 gunners, 2 x 105 howitzer, 2 x horse drawn limber,
2 figure OP team, light car
- Completed

Anti-Tank Company
2 x StuG III (75mm)
- Completed

One battalion may have an additional 120mm mortar
3 figures, 120mm mortar, light truck prime mover
- Completed

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to anyone that might be interested in this little blog. I hope 2009 will bring success with your wargaming interests as I am hoping it will with mine.

I have always been doing "a bit of this and a bit of that" and never actually finishing anything. Over the last 10 years this has caused my wargaming collection to developed "arms and legs". I am going to make 2009 the year I lighten the load of unpainted lead and take time to focus on projects one at a time and see each project though to completion. This will take some discipline but should lighten that depressing feeling of all the unpainted lead and unfinished projects give me.

"Don't let the little buggers grind you down"
I have been wargaming for 10 years in which time I have finally settled on two eras, Napoleonic and WWII, both in 15mm (1:100). Most of my ramblings will be about gaming in these two eras. An attempt will be made to record my wargaming interests, building of armies, ideas, interests and hopefully some games played.