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Friday, 2 January 2009

German Fallshirmjager Division

Still trying to get a grip on my collection of figures so continuing sorting though painted and unpainted lead.

As is typically me (I hope only up to up to this point) I started to build a Fallshirmjager Division a couple of years ago but only completed one infantry battalion plus support company, an engineer company and an AA platoon. Still need to paint the second infantry battalion. This Division will still have to be completed at a later date as the generic Wehrmacht Infantry Division will have to be my first priority. But it may take priority over the 21st Panzer Division as again I have most of the lead in stock ready to paint.

Just to put my thoughts at this down in writing as to how I see this Division being completed at this moment in time. This follows the new Rapid Fire infantry regiment composition....but I am open to persuasion if this is not historically correct for 1944 -45

Regimental HQ
- From figures in stock and use the kubelwagen from my existing Wehrmacht battalion its command vehicle - Require a Radio truck see below

Engineer Company
Completed (many have enough figures to add a second engineer company).

1st Battalion
The existing battalion is finished - apart from I will move the Panzershrecke team from the battalion HQ to the anti-tank company and replace it with two infantry figures. Also possibly replace the existing 50mm mortar team in one company with one panzerfaust figure and one infantry figure but this is not a necessity.

2nd Battalion
Using existing lead to be painted to a similar configuration as the first battalion.

The support companies.
Gun company
105mm recoilless rifle - Completed
20mm AA - Completed
Anti-Tank Company
8 figures, (4 x panzerschecke teams) - Required 2 more teams
50mm PaK 38 - Completed

To complete the above I need 3 packs of figures from the Peter Pig range 8.
1 pack 183 (German Para MG34 Tripod) to complete the heavy company
1 pack 50 (German Para MG42) to add the LW extra fire power to each infantry company
1 pack 185 (German Para Tank Hunters [need to ask for the pack to be made up of 5 panzerfaust figures + 1 figure carrying a panzershrecke + 1 complete panzershrecke team])
The above tank hunter pack will, when combined with figures in stock, give me a panzerfaust figure for each company, (replacing the 50mm mortar team in one existing company), plus an 8 figure anti-tank company by removing the panzershrecke team from the existing battalion HQ and allow me to add a panzerfaust figure to the existing engineer company.
A Radio vehicle for the regimental HQ either - FOW GE-490 Opel Kfz 68 Radio Truck or Skytex CD16A Opel Blitz Radio / Office (Peter Pig do a Granit Ambulance command vehicle (pack number 83) that might fit the bill but no photo on web site so not sure what it looks like).
I have enough Fallshirmjager gun crew in stock to crew a PAK 40 so that I could have an option to uprate the existing PAK 38. BUT at the moment I will pass on this.....adds a little extra to the gane by using the PAK 38.

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