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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Battle for "Flotsam sur Mer"

This game was played on 21st Feb 2009 and I was well impressed by the fictitious scenario that my regular gaming opponent put together. What follows is the brief as it was handed to me prior to the evenings game.

German Brief
So much for a comfy French bed and a good nights sleep. All night has been spent listening to the sound of aircraft, presumably on bombing missions on some poor unsuspecting cities in the fatherland. thank God it wasn't you on the receiving end.

However what peace you did get was shattered this morning by a colossal navel bombardment all along the coast. You have tried to get information from HQ but after several minutes of trying the only information you have been given is that, reports are coming in of an allied landing all along the coast. Situation is confused, the Fuhrer cannot be disturbed so the Panzer units cannot be released. Immediate order are, hold your position until further orders. Further attempts to contact HQ are unsuccessful.

Time to take stock of your position.
You command a garrison of troops in the small town of "Flotsam sur Mer" a couple of miles inland on a slight rise. There are woods behind the town though which the southern road passes. Although the coast to the north cannot be seen clearly you can see one of the main routes inland. Since your observer team, for the Nebelwerfer battery under your command, has sighted enemy units attempting to breakout they have been bringing the area under constant fire. Thus making any main advance of the Allies impossible. Due to low cloud cover allied air activity has been limited and the Nebelwerfer position unallocated. However you realise that sooner or later the Allies will be making an effort to neutralise the battery, or at least silence the spotter. The town is on a crossroads so a possible flank attack could be possible.

Maximum garrison force total 306 points which includes the Nebelwerfer battery. All infantry under your command are regular. Nebelwerfer battery is on the table in a position that could cover all roads into the town. However if fire is halted on main access road from the coast the Allies will advance in force. You need to hold your position until further orders received and/or some form of support arrives. this requires a successful "Radio" transmission to HQ on move 5. (If unsuccessful try on each following turn.) If successful throw a d6. 1-4 infantry support arrives, 5-6 means the Fuhrer has come round and released the armour! Throw a second d6 to see which turn it arrives.

Maximum number of points for reinforcements 140

Game to be over 12 moves.

The Game:
My opponent fielded a force 510 point force, with the objective to knock out the battery and take the town. The game progressed well for the Germans as the British probably did not attack quickly enough. As I was able to move AT weapons and knock out several advancing vehicles with AT fire and mortar fire before they entered the town. On move 6 they failed the moral test and retreated back to the coastal bridgehead. This was just as my infantry support was arriving.

The after game discussion my opponent admitted that he took too long to reach reach the town. On reflection though we realised that the last five games have resulted in the attacker being repulsed and this is using the 10:6 Attacker/Defender ratio suggested by the rules. The above game might be improved if the German garrison troops were classed as poor.

I enjoyed the game and not just because it was a victory for the Germans, the detail of the brief added atmosphere to the game. We will probably use this scenario again but with some minor adjustments either in forces or ratio.

I do apolgise that there are no pictures or maps. I will try harder for the next game report.

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