I have been wargaming for 10 years in which time I have finally settled on two eras, Napoleonic and WWII, both in 15mm (1:100). Most of my ramblings will be about gaming in these two eras. An attempt will be made to record my wargaming interests, building of armies, ideas, interests and hopefully some games played.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Just to bring a little variety to this blog thought I'd introduce my Americans.

While I am concentrating on my German WWII force, I am also building a small American WWII force. This was started when my son was living at home with thoughts that we might get a game or two. I think I might have scared him off, as we had one game just before he left for uni and since then he has not been home long enough to organise a game. I will continue to build this force but only very much in the background so as not to deter the completion of the major parts of the required German forces.

Below are a couple of shots of the Tank Destroyer Company, two M18 Hellcats. Both are Flames of War castings.

More photos of elements already completed will follow in due course.

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