I have been wargaming for 10 years in which time I have finally settled on two eras, Napoleonic and WWII, both in 15mm (1:100). Most of my ramblings will be about gaming in these two eras. An attempt will be made to record my wargaming interests, building of armies, ideas, interests and hopefully some games played.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fallshirmjager 2nd Battalion

These figures were painted about 5 years ago while on an enjoyable holiday in the Lake District. The routine was to paint for a few hours in the morning, while my partner was writing, then go out late morning early afternoon for walks and enjoying the scenery. Perfect holiday I seem to remember.....

All the castings below are from the Peter Pig range of 15mm WWII figures .

2nd Battalion HQ

5th - 6th - 7th Companies

8th (Heavy) Company

15th Company (Pioneer/Engineer)

I've marked this as the 2nd battalion as my intention was not to motorise this unit but after recently picking up the Rapid Fire D-Day scenario book I may have to add a little bit of transport for the HQ. According to the scenario book, in Normandy, the Fallshirmager 6th Regiment's 1st battalion was motorised with French trucks; only the 2nd and 3rd battalions HQ had transport (a Kubelwagen and Kettenkraftrad). They have also included a 150mm infantry gun to each heavy company, which I don't think I will add just yet.......not at the pace I paint anyway........I still have another battalions worth of figures to paint....................think I need another holiday in the Lakes like the one 5 years ago!!!!

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