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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Game on - Waldrandstadt (Aug 1944)

Well ...... we have a game planned for next week. Not the Napoleonic that I was planning but a fictitious WWII game. I've been handed the following brief:

August 1944
All along the front the American Army is racing towards Germany and it surely cannot be long before you reach Berlin. Just imagine the glory and honour of being the first units to enter what remains of Hitler's capital. As the vanguard of your sector you have just taken a town and started to reform your units in what remains it - what was its name?

The time it took to clear the town and the size of the forces that were at your disposal meant that no real headway though the woods themselves could be achieved. At least you can rest a while until elements of your main division start to arrive. That is until a broken message arrives from "Ol Blood and Guts". The message is blunt, "Move your big fat ass .... take those woods and the buildings beyond ....... stop being pussies...." It is not for nothing that he gained such a name for himself.

Victory conditions:
Take buildings and woods - Major victory
Clear woods only - Minor victory
All else - fail

Rapid Fire points value for the American force 800pts

A rough sketch of the proposed table

It's been a while since I brought my Americans to the table. I'll have to dust them off and see what force I can make for 800pts. I know my opponent has been painting up a small German army and has been eager to get them into action. I think he has some Fallshirmjager and at least one battalion of Wehrmacht with full support so this will not be an easy task. I would imagine the opposition will be around 550 pts unless the scenario is for German counter attack when my opponent might be fielding a 1200pt force. The way he keeps saying it will be interesting I just wonder......

I need to decide what losses my vanguard force has suffered from previous days' fighting and how to represent this within the 800pts. My battalions will not be at full strength and will have some equipment losses. Also what support can I call upon from my main division? How much artillery support and/or air cover can I include in the points allowed? Need to get the rules out again and have a skim though them to refresh some of the finer points.

Should be interesting.............after the game I'll hopefully post the German brief, a game report and pictures.

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