I have been wargaming for 10 years in which time I have finally settled on two eras, Napoleonic and WWII, both in 15mm (1:100). Most of my ramblings will be about gaming in these two eras. An attempt will be made to record my wargaming interests, building of armies, ideas, interests and hopefully some games played.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

A cracking start to the New year

During 2012 wargaming and painting projects were put well on the back burner. To the extent that I only had three games and didn't lift a paint brush. Criminal I know, but my modelling efforts and time were needed elsewhere.

Amazingly at Christmas my enthusiasm was rekindled, partly as a result of a conversation, partly from being ill. The conversation was with Mark, my regular gaming opponent, regarding a discussion he had at an uncle's funeral. His uncle fought in Normandy and some of his old comrades attended. Mark was able to strike up a conversation which resulted in them all recounting their experiences, especially during Operation Goodwood. This, not only resulted in us both committing to gaming a little more regularly during 2013, but also to try and recreate parts of the Goodwood operation as gaming scenarios. At the time of the conversation both my wife and I had cancelled all our Christmas plans due to being ill. My wife more poorly than myself has only just been able to get back to work during the last couple of weeks. The lack of visits to/from friends and family did leave me with time to indulge in some light modelling. Hence the rekindled interest and time to progress my 21st Panzer Kampfgruppe.

Another fillip to wargaming was the acquisition of John Elting's Napoleonic Uniforms Volumes I and II. I've had volumes III and IV for a number of years but hadn't wanted the 2007 reprints of volumes I and II in red cloth covers. I've been trying to purchase the 1993 edition copies in the white dust jackets so that all four books match on the bookshelf. Eventually just before Christmas I was able to purchase these two books which were duly confiscated and wrapped up for a Christmas present. Since being ceremoniously unwrapped I've enjoyed browsing the pages and having thoughts about improving my French Napoleonic collection. There is much to do and my Napoleonic collection will probably have to be thinned down a little first to make room for my growing collection of WWII figures but the Napoleonic era is still of great interest.

So over Christmas and during January I was able to paint two battalions of infantry along with  transport for the second battalion, both heavy weapons companies, 9th and 10th companies, and also finish the half-tracks for the first battalion. I also started the Reconnaissance battalion 22. There will be a post published later to show where I am with this unit.

1st battalion HG u304(f) and 1st company u304(f) 37mm Pak 36

2nd and 3rd companies u304(f)'s

4th (Heavy) Company - u304(f) Flak 38 and S307(f) PAK 40

9th and 10th companies - 150mm sFH auf Lorraine Schepper and S307(f) 8cm Reihwerfer
All the above vehicles and figures are from the Flames of War range.

Selection of lorries for 2nd battalions transport vehicles
The lorries are from QRF, Peter Pig and Quality Castings

1st Battalion HQ

1st Company

6th Company
I've used the figures from the excellent Peter Pig Late War Zeltbahn range along with Skytrex (Command Decision) Panzer Grenadier figures with a few German officers from QRF thrown into the mix. The above photos of the infantry are a little disappointing and I'll try and get some better ones taken which, if successful, I'll post when I next get chance.

I still have the Sturmgeschutz Battalion 200 to complete and a few more Panzer VI's to paint before I start on the Artillery, Anti Tank and Flak battalions but considering I've not produced anything for almost a year it's been an amazing few weeks.


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Great site!

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Thanks for leaving the comment. I must make 2015 a better year for updating this blog.