I have been wargaming for 10 years in which time I have finally settled on two eras, Napoleonic and WWII, both in 15mm (1:100). Most of my ramblings will be about gaming in these two eras. An attempt will be made to record my wargaming interests, building of armies, ideas, interests and hopefully some games played.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

An extra piece of hardware

This piece of hardware is something that I thought would fit nicely into the two Heavy Weapons Companies of my 21st Panzer Grenader Regiment. Unfortunately, so far, I've not discovered any firm evidence that the 21st Panzer Heavy Weapons Companies had mortars. I do find this very strange that both battalions did not have any close support 81mm mortars, instead having 20mm Flak 38 and a Pak 40, and relying on the Reihwerfer of the 10th company for mortar support.

8cm schwerer Granatwerfer 34 auf Panzerspahwagen AMR 35(f)
Does anyone know if these half tracks were used in the Grenadier battalions of the 21st Panzer Division or which units they were used in?

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